Akron Symphonic Winds Concert at Hale Farm

On Sunday, August 22nd from 11:30am-12:30pm we invite you to come and enjoy the history of music making in America presented by the Akron Symphonic Winds. Presenting music for the whole family to enjoy, this is a fully narrated concert with a great variety of music sure to delight.

Bring your Sunday brunch picnic and have an outing with us and the Akron Symphonic Winds.

All regular museum attractions will be open to enjoy until 4pm. Admission to the living history museum includes the Akron Symphonic Winds Concert and can be purchased at the door on the event day.

Akron Symphonic Winds-Bringing Communities Together Through Music.

Date and Time: August 22, 2021 - August 22, 2021

Location: Hale Farm & Village, 2686 Oak Hill Rd., Bath, OH

Contact Information: View Website