North Pole Adventure™

Climb aboard and join us for a journey of a lifetime. Escape the ordinary of the every day as you watch the magic unfold as we make our grand journey on the North Pole Adventure™. Enjoy hot cocoa, cookies, and festivities as we navigate the sweeping curves of the Cuyahoga Valley and across the globe for our mighty journey to the North Pole to hand-deliver your letter to Santa to the North Pole’s very own Postmaster. The North Pole Adventure™ is where time doesn’t matter, and we’ll show you an escape with excitement, wonder and surprise as we make a personal delivery to the North Pole. Have your cameras ready as we enter the North Pole. The town is always buzzing with Santa’s helpers preparing for the big day. They can’t wait to see you as you roll into this regal, real-life snow globe they call home. You never know who will be on the North Pole Adventure™.

Date and Time: November 05, 2021 - December 19, 2021

Location: Akron Northside Station, 27 Ridge Street, Akron, Ohio

Contact Information: 234-759-0097, View Website