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The West Side Bakery was selected as one of the top 75 bakeries in the nation by foodie website, The Daily Meal (www.thedailymeal.com). The bakery, which has locations at 2302 W. Market St. in West Akron, and 1840 Town Park Blvd. in Green, is ranked No. 69 on the list that features bakeries from around the country. Barb Talevich, the bakery’s owner and president, said the ranking is a thrill for her and her staff. “What a great honor this is for us, especially since we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in two weeks,” she said. “I have lived in Akron all my life and am so proud to be a part of this wonderful community. I feel truly blessed and honored to be working with such a great team! Our staff works so hard and I am so happy for them to receive this recognition outside of the Akron community.” The website said it selected 200 of the nation’s 6,700 bakeries and then narrowed the list further for the final ranking. The West Side Bakery also was ranked on the website’s list of the top 50 wedding-cake bakeries earlier this year. (JANUARY 2015)

The West Side Bakery, 2303 W. Market St. in West Akron and 1840 Town Park Blvd. in Green, has been named one of the top 50 wedding cake bakeries in the nation. According to The Daily Meal (www.thedailymeal.com), The West Side Bakery was chosen as the best wedding cake bakery in Ohio. (JULY 2014)

Thirsty Dog was named U.S.A. Brewery of the Year, and its Bernese Barley Wine Ale earned a double gold medal at the New York International Beer Competition. Not long ago, Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. expanded its distribution into New York City. (APRIL 2014)
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